original foo-bar
The bar that started it all…


In April of 2015 Renee Simon wanted to give her husband Marc a bar to go on the pool deck for their anniversary.  After looking around at local stores and looking online she decided to build Marc a bar out of exterior treated lumber.  The original bar (pictured above) was 6 feet in size.  Marc posted pictures on Facebook and someone said, “Hey you should try listing that on craigslist.”  We did and 5 months later we incorporated and in just under a year Marc quit his full-time job followed by the need for Renee to close down her computer networking company as foo-BARS was rapidly growing. 

We have traversed from the one simple design above to several products and variations ranging from bars, reception desks and sales counters in just 7 years and have 5 valued employees besides ourselves. 

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