We are a small business and every product we have is hand built to order. We do not use any prefabricated wood products.  Because we build everything to order almost everything we build can be easily customized for size, color, etc. and yes we do custom requests too.   

While a lot of our products are “pallet style” we do no use actual pallet wood.  We use new whitewood to mimic the pallet look.  We do offer some bars/counters made from reclaimed barnwood and, also offer two choices of metal: new corrugated or rusty reclaimed corrugated.  

Our whitewood products are made with 2x6x8, 2x4x8 and 1x4x8 kiln dried pine whitewood.  Our smooth top products are made with ¾ birch plywood.  Our exterior lumber products are appearance grade southern yellow pine treated with severe weather above ground pressure treatment.  We only use powder-coated screws to assemble all of our products.

2x4x8 & 2x6x8 pine whitewood

For our stained whitewood products, we cut to size then plane the 2×6 and 2×4 wood.  Next, we sand all the wood and hand stain all 4 sides.  As we are mimicking pallet wood our products are built with knots and some rough spots as these enhance the rustic look.  We do try to make the top surfaces as smooth as possible.

stained wood
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